Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport in West Sussex is second only to Heathrow in terms of total passenger traffic in the UK. It also has the distinction of being one of the busiest single-runway setups in the world. The facility opened in the tail end of the 1920s and has continually grown since then. It features two terminals, an aviation museum, an office complex, and other facilities. There are even hotels at gatwick airport for those who need a room while waiting for their flights. This is definitely more convenient than booking offsite and rushing to catch the schedule.

Extra information about hotels at gatwick airport

Passengers can make their way to the airport in several different ways:

By Road

If going by car, then use the M23 and go to the airport via junction 9A. It is also possible to use the A23 and the A217, if those are more accessible. The airport has a good amount of space dedicated to cars which need parking for short or long durations. There are also off-site options if these are full, which is a common occurrence during the summer.

By Rail

There is a railway station just beside the South Terminal that is connected to the Brighton Main Line. People who are coming from the areas along this system can be assured of fast and efficient service. It is also possible to take the Gatwick Express, the Thameslink, and the Great Western Railway to reach the station. Passengers should use the London contactless cards or Oyster Cards for convenience. These will be accepted all along the route from London to Gatwick.

By Bus

Local buses and National Express Coaches can be relied upon to take people to various airports. These are available across the country with schedules and rates published on their websites.

By Bike

Cycling is a popular activity in the UK. It is not just a sport but a way of life, and facilities have been built to ensure its integration into the transport system. People who would like to reach Gatwick by bike can take Route 21 of the established National Cycle Network. This will pass under the South Terminal and let riders enjoy traffic free cycling. Look for the lift near Zone L.

By Shuttle

There's a monorail inside the airport connecting the two terminals. The shuttle is composed of driverless trains with three cars. The elevated platform is 0.75 miles long and allows the shuttle to move both ways. This opened in 1987 and has been refurbished and improved a few times.